Merritt, Be on Your Way to a Beautiful Smile with Tooth Whitening!

We all want to appear young and healthy. And, studies have shown that one of the best ways to lower your perceived age is by having whiter teeth.

Dentistry @ Merritt has several tooth whitening options. These include:

  • In-Clinic Treatments (Higher Peroxide Percentage)
    • Activated by UV, Heat, or Laser
  • Take-Home Overnight Custom Tooth Whitening Trays

Is Tooth Whitening Safe?

Tooth whitening products and services provided by a dentist are generally considered safe as they usually contain just hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide (CP) as the active ingredients. Where tooth whitening gets risky is in store-bought varieties (even some whitening toothpastes) that can damage your enamel and further degrade your smile.

Why are Humans Obsessed with White Teeth?

The short answer is: we can’t help it; being attracted to white, shiny teeth is engrained in our genetics and culture. White teeth are a sign of health, youth, fertility — and, in an ancient sense, a signal to others that you know of a nutritious food source.

How does Tooth Whitening Work?

The goal of tooth whitening is to dissolve the stains without stripping minerals from the tooth enamel. Peroxide-based treatments have proven to be an effective means of dissolving stained organic buildup while leaving tooth enamel intact. Results usually last up to six months.

Take-Home Trays

With the custom take-home trays, most patients will see results within 7 to 14 days. Some formulations include fluoride to decrease your tooth sensitivity.

For teeth that cannot be treated with whitening, we also offer ceramic veneers.

To discuss which whitening technique is right for you, call Dentistry @ Merritt to schedule an appointment today!

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