Dental Anxiety? Make Your Appointment a Breeze.

Do you feel uneasy or anxious during dental appointments? Dentistry @ Merritt uses anesthesia and sedation techniques to reduce or eliminate dental fears and anxieties. These methods are safe for patients of all ages, including kids and seniors.

It’s Just a Dental Checkup, Why am I Uneasy?

It’s completely normal to have anxiety during a dental checkup. Often times, it’s not the procedure itself, but in temporarily handing control of the situation over to someone else. In today’s multi-tasking, fast-paced world, it’s difficult for many patients to simply relax. We can help!

Snooze through Your Appointment

If you are unable to relax during a dental procedure, we can help you gently fall asleep using medical anesthesia. While you’re asleep, we can work on your teeth, restore the health of your gums, and enhance your smile — without the stress or discomfort.

Ask us about anesthesia and sedation during your next visit — call Dentistry @ Merritt to schedule an appointment today!

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