The Canadian Dental Care Plan, known as the CDCP, is a government implemented plan designed for people that do not have dental care coverage, or have access to obtaining dental coverage by any other means.

So what does this mean to you?

The CDCP is determined by a person’s income from the previous year through the Canada Revenue Service. They then take that information and pass it on to the implementing insurance company, which is Sun Life Financial. From the information we have gotten from the government and from Sun Life in regards to the CDCP, an individual’s particular coverage can vary from person to person. We have been told that it will work in conjunction with people of certain levels of disability. How as of yet, they have not let us know.

You will receive a letter from the government and/or sunlife saying that you can apply for this coverage. If you have an existing retirement plan or currently on a dental plan, I encourage you to retain it and not go for the CDCP. But you can certainly ask us as to which is better. You cannot be on the CDCP and another dental plan at the same time.

The government and Sun Life will tell you in regards to the CDCP that it will pay 100% or 80% or 60% of the fees for you. This is not entirely true. They will pay their percentage up to their fee guide, not the actual fee guide for BC. There are also many restrictions to the plan. We can help you navigate the fees associated to your treatment to the best of our ability. Plainly, this plan will help cover most things and a little help with some is better than none at all.

Please note that you will have to register every year for the CDCP.

What we need from you:

When you first come to make an appointment, we will need the card they sent you as well as the letter you received from them.

If you are wanting treatment done, that is not an emergency, then we may only assess you at the time of your appointment as the insurance requires a pre-authorization to be submitted in first. The insurance carrier has stated that it will take no longer than 48 hours for the pre-authorization to be received. Once that is received then we can give you a better estimation for what your portion of the treatment will cost you.

If you are wanting to go ahead with treatment , without any pre-authorization from the insurance, then we can certainly help you, but you will be responsible for all costs and we can file for re-imbursement for you to the CDCP.

The CDCP has their own fee guide, which is only a portion of what the actual fees are. They will not pay over their own fee guide limitation, thus you will be responsible for all fees not covered by them.

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